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Apple Annie Small Is Special by T.W. Krueger – Writer’s Digest Judge Remarks

Apple Annie: Small is Special is a fictional story based on a real life miniature donkey who resides in Florida. And I love the theme that small is special – kids always want to grow up so quickly and it is nice to let them know that being little is wonderful. The cover presents with a real life picture pasted in with the illustration, but I would have preferred one or the other. Not sure the mix really works for me. But the illustrations inside are fantastic. They have a nice soft blurred type edge to them. Unique and adorable. I enjoyed the plot about Apple Annie getting ready for competition and had to smile at her emotional journey. A cute story with clever writing and a kind voice. I think kids will enjoy this one from cover to cover. And to know that Apple Annie is really out there will be a great little detail. Next thing you know, kids will want to come visit!

So thrilled to see that this is a series. I’m sure I’ve never read a book about a donkey before – at least not that I can remember. Hope to read more from this author in the future. Thanks for sharing Apple Annie with us!

Su Gerheim, Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
* Children’s Picture Books Category

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